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Abby Pet Hospital

ER Express

To begin the check-in process, please text “APH” to 34947. If you are unable to receive text messages, please click on the “Check-in Online” link below.

If you have an appointment with a doctor or just need to see a technician, you do NOT need to check in online. Please check in at the front desk when you get here.

Register your pet to be seen even before leaving the comfort and safety of your own home.

If your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please come to the hospital immediately and call (559) 442-1127 to let us know you are on your way.

ER Express FAQS

What happens if I come to the hospital without checking in first?

If you have not checked in online ahead of time, you can check in on arrival. We will have signs at the front desk with instructions on how to check-in. Depending on the condition of your pet, we will either have a technician triage them to see if they need to be seen right away, or if they are stable we may ask you to return home to wait until it is your pet's turn to be seen.

If I check in is my pet guaranteed to be seen today?

No. Unfortunately, due to high demand, our doctors are only able to see so many pets in a day and we take critical patients first. The good thing about checking in this way is that we will be in contact with you throughout the day and if it looks like your pet won’t be able to be seen the day you check in but is stable enough to wait overnight we will keep you in the queue so that we can see you the next morning.

Do you take pets in the order they are checked in? Are you able to give an estimated wait time for my pet to be seen?

We try to take patients in the order they are checked in but they are also triaged based on who is most critical. Once you check your pet in we will triage your pet based on the symptoms you've provided and contact you with an estimated wait time. If you believe your pet is experiencing a life-threatening situation, please call or text us immediately. (559) 442-1127

I live an hour away, will I have enough time to arrive at the hospital once you have contacted me to be seen?

Yes! Once we send you a text to head into the hospital please text us your ETA so the team can prepare for your arrival. Don't forget to let the front desk know when you get here. We ask a few people to head down to the hospital at the same time so the front desk may ask you to take a seat and wait for a technician to be available to room you. Please be aware that changes may arise because critical patients do take priority.

How do I know if my pet’s condition is critical and needs to be brought in ASAP vs. stable and able to wait their turn?

We understand it can be confusing when your pet is sick if they need to be rushed into the hospital or not, so we always encourage you to call or text us at the hospital and we are always happy to answer your questions. (559) 442-1127

What happens if I opt out of receiving text messages?

A staff member will call you to communicate instead of sending text messages.

What if I decide I no longer want/need to have my pet seen?

Reply "9" to cancel your check-in spot or call the hospital and let us know so we can remove your pet from our waiting queue.

Can I make one reservation for multiple pets?

No. If more than one pet needs to be seen, please fill out the check-in form separately for each pet.